The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) established the Eurasian Award in Aviation Marketing among airports, airlines and civil aviation enterprises of the Eurasian region.


“Unmanned Aircraft” is the largest annual international business platform in Eurasian Region for professional discussion of international trends, innovative solutions, and issues of legal and technical regulation of unmanned aircraft industry.


General Director of the AVIACENTER Anton Koren took part in the program “Business Day” on RBC TV, where, speaking live together with other aviation experts, he discussed the current situation in the Russian aviation industry.

In the short time, the Consortium carried out a justification of the choice of a land plot for the development of a multimodal transport hub and calculation of investment parameters for its’ construction

The conference ‘Airport Marketing and Commerce’ is the only business event in the Eurasian Region on the development of aviation and non-aviation commercial activities of airports.

Federal and regional aviation projects

Main Services Federal and regional aviation projects


The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) possesses all the necessary resources to design programs of developing and implementing research projects on the federal level. Our advantages include participation of almost all the core staff of the Center in research and implemented federal level projects, including those approved by the Government of the Russian Federation or Ministries and Agencies.

In particular AVIACENTER experts coordinated the development and took part in designing the subprogram ‘Civil Aviation’ of the Federal Finansing Program ‘Developing Russian Tansport System 2010-2015’, ‘Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation 2030’ as far as civil aviation is concerned, ‘Russian Aerodrome (Airport) System Development Strategy in the Russian Federation 2020’, prepared the civil aviation part of the Meeting of the Presidium of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation, meetings of Boards and Public Councils of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Civil aviation issues of Public Council and panels of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Our experts also took part in designing the main areas of development of civil aviation of the Russian Federation for the period up to the year 2015, developing regulations of several federal laws for civil aviation (including the Air Code, the Technical Regulation Law, and so on), several regulatory acts, including amendments to federal aviation rules, over 10 methodologies in the sphere of economics and regulation in civil aviation, approved on the federal level. Our core specialists have published scientific works and articles in strategic planning and management, including planning of federal and regional air transport systems.

Our experts, possessing management experience in federal and regional civil aviation executive authorities and also management experience in airlines and airports, aviation holdings, are engaged for federal tasks. The projects are supervised by the Center's professionals with expertise in similar projects development.


When working on tasks of federal executive and legislative authorities we consider all the main components of the task, we engage managers of civil aviation companies, practical scientists and representatives of federal and regional executive and legislative authorities, civil aviation associations and experts in different areas of competence to provide comprehensive and objective expertise.

Each solution is developed in accordance with a time schedule, approved by the client, and coordinated by the head of the work or research group. To ratify the results it’s possible to organize hearings or discussions by public councils, collegiums of Ministries and Agencies, and also, if necessary, supervision of projects approval by federal and regional executive and legislative authorities.


The main advantages of the Center include: an ability to organize solving almost any research tasks, standard-setting and planning tasks in the sphere of civil aviation on the federal level; the best Russian experts, possessing deep knowledge of industry specifics and Russian reality; independence from airlines, airports, other civil aviation companies, from equipment, solutions and service suppliers; existence of proprietary techniques and analytic software for planning air transport system development on the federal level. Another important advantage is reasonable cost of services.


You can order a detailed AVIACENTER brochure on implementation of projects for federal executive and legislative authorities by email: info@aviacenter.org or by phone: +7(495)225.99.57 (multiline).

Federal and regional aviation projects