The Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) has performed feasibility study and forecasting passenger, cargo and mail traffic and air traffic intensity for one of the Moscow Aviation Hub airports for the long term perspective. 

Embraer Brazilian aircraft conglomerate terminates the M&A deal with Boeing. In an interview to RT, Anton Koren, the General Director of the Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER), suggested that the termination of the deal with Embraer is caused by Boeing’s desire to receive financial support from the US federal government.


Strategies and master plans for three Siberian airports will be developed by the Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER).


The key international conference and exhibition on the development of UAS ‘Unmanned Aviation – 2020’ will be held in Moscow on April 23-24, 2020.


The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (Aviacenter) became the first independent consulting center in the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Union, the CIS countries, the product range of which features over 100 kinds of professional services in the area of aviation industry strategic planning, management and investment consulting.  


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AVIACENTER has proceeded to the development of strategies and master plans for three airports of the Siberian Federal District.  24.04.2020 11:12

Strategies and master plans for three Siberian airports will be developed by the Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER).

Within the framework of these projects, a marketing analysis of the development prospects of international and domestic air traffic will be performed.

Regarding the commercial segments, the AVIACENTER specialists will develop a strategy for the airport route network development, determine the optimal types of aircraft, and calculate the required parameters of the airdrome for the design aircraft types. The choice of the optimal and design aircraft types for particular projects is justified in view of the prospects of subsidizing programs for opening new flights to the airport.

Within the framework of master plans preparation, the specialists will elaborate the development concepts, planning solutions and conceptual designs of the main infrastructure facilities of the airports, and estimate the costs for the development of the infrastructure facilities in a planned perspective for further use at the financial planning stage. Graphic materials related to the airport infrastructure development strategy will be prepared, the land development phasing for the planned development of the airports infrastructure facilities will be determined.

Further, AVIACENTER will prepare financial and economic feasibility study of airports development in accordance with the main parameters of the master plans and commercial plans.

When implementing these projects, the Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation will also elaborate the main organizational measures required for the development of airports in a strategic perspective, as well as the order and sequence of business transformations.

The AVIACENTER’s approach to master planning is distinguished by the professional vision of its experts experienced in managing the airport business in terms of the commercial and overall strategic development of airport with a view to the growth of its business attractiveness, and taking into account the detailed planning of each business unit, planning of infrastructure development for justifiable demand, using a unique set of databases and advanced planning techniques. The demand for AVIACENTER services is confirmed by its work on the projects in all federal districts and in the countries all over the world.