The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (Aviacenter) became the first independent consulting center in the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Union, the CIS countries, the product range of which features over 100 kinds of professional services in the area of aviation industry strategic planning, management and investment consulting.  


AVIACENTER and Transport Strategy Center (TSC) elaborated a development strategy for the air transport system of the Krasnoyarsk region



Key trends and issues of the aviation fuel supply market development to be discussed at the IX International Aviation Fuel Conference that will take place in Moscow on 30-31 January 2020.

 "Aviation IT Forum of Russia and CIS - 2019" is the main and largest forum in Russia and the CIS countries to share experiences and present cutting-edge IT solutions for aviation industry, mainly focused on developments of Russian companies, adapting the leading international IT solutions to markets in Russia and the CIS.

The key conference on aviation finance and leasing organized by the Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation is to be held in Moscow on November 7, 2019.


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NETWORK CARGO — the First International Eurasian Cargo Route Development Forum will take place on 7 - 9 July in Krasnoyarsk.  28.03.2019 16:20

Within 3 days NETWORK CARGO will deliver several essential events for airlines, airports, cargo terminals, freight forwarders, expeditors, consolidators and cargo industry service suppliers from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, North and South Americas.

The key event of the forum will be networking sessions, where delegates will be able to schedule an unlimited number of face-to-face meetings with other delegates on an individual basis, find new contacts and expand their business presence in the Eurasian Region by developing their route network.

Participation is free for airlines.

The forum audience: international organizations and national public authorities, cargo airlines, cargo terminals & airports, freight agents & subagents, cargo brokers, ground handlers & suppliers of special equipment, freight forwarders & expeditors, cargo and logistic terminals, truck & railway carriers, express carriers, specialized cargo platforms, ULD manufacturers, equipment & control systems for airlines and airports, security services, professional associations.

NETWORK CARGO will be held in parallel with the NETWORK International Passenger Route Development Forum.

The organizer of NETWORK CARGO Forum and NETWORK Forum is The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER).

Host: Krasnoyarsk International Airport.

General media partner: the official newspaper of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation ‘Transport of Russia’.

To register for participation, to make a speech at the Forum, and for more information, please visit www.eurasian.network, or call +7(495)225.99.57 (ext.5) or email network@aviacenter.org.



The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) is the first in Russia and the Eurasian Region professional industry center, providing over 100 kinds of services in strategic planning and managing civil aviation and aircraft industry companies and public authorities.

The main objective of AVIACENTER is to consolidate the knowledge, methodologies, and expertise of the leading aviation managers, experts in the field of strategic planning and management, to implement the best practices, create and develop a professional practical school of strategic and business planning at cargo and passenger airlines, airports, and other civil aviation and aircraft industry companies.

AVIACENTER is the only professional consulting center in the world that uses more than 17 aviation and other modes of transport traffic demand databases to achieve excellence in route network development strategies for airlines and airports.


Krasnoyarsk International Airport is one of the most important air transport hubs of the Eurasian Region with a unique geographical position.

Krasnoyarsk is located at the intersection of the trans-Siberian and cross-polar air routes, which gives an advantage in developing the multi-modal cargo hub model.

As of now, the current cargo route network has regular cargo flights to both China and the EU countries. At the same time, the model of feeder cargo transportation is also being applied (regular & charter cargo flights to the Far East and other Russian regions).

Already today, a model of cargo transfer at the hub using tail-to-tail technology is being implemented in Krasnoyarsk. Besides Krasnoyarsk, this technology is applied only at Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo.

At the end of 2018 the cargo traffic had doubled.

In 2018, 842 cargo flights were performed. Cargo traffic grew by 46% compared to 2017.