The key international conference and exhibition on the development of UAS ‘Unmanned Aviation – 2020’ will be held in Moscow on April 23-24, 2020.


The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (Aviacenter) became the first independent consulting center in the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Union, the CIS countries, the product range of which features over 100 kinds of professional services in the area of aviation industry strategic planning, management and investment consulting.  


AVIACENTER and Transport Strategy Center (TSC) elaborated a development strategy for the air transport system of the Krasnoyarsk region



Key trends and issues of the aviation fuel supply market development to be discussed at the IX International Aviation Fuel Conference that will take place in Moscow on 30-31 January 2020.

 "Aviation IT Forum of Russia and CIS - 2019" is the main and largest forum in Russia and the CIS countries to share experiences and present cutting-edge IT solutions for aviation industry, mainly focused on developments of Russian companies, adapting the leading international IT solutions to markets in Russia and the CIS.


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Anton Koren: Russian civil aviation will maintain a fairly high rate of development.  22.05.2019 21:57

General Director of the AVIACENTER Anton Koren took part in the program “Business Day” on RBC TV, where, speaking live together with other aviation experts, he discussed the current situation in the Russian aviation industry.

Anton Koren noted, “Our civil aviation is developing at a good, high rate. Over the past two years Russian air transport market has grown by 30% and high growth rates remain. However, there are problems associated with the system of training of aviation personnel, with need of higher quality of the airworthiness system” Besides, the panelists highlighted the problem of providing aviation personnel to airlines, and other problems.

When asked by the TV host about the impact of the Sheremetyevo accident on the development strategy of the aviation industry, Anton Koren stated that it was premature to draw any conclusions on the causes of the tragedy, “It is too early and wrong to draw conclusions before we have the official investigation results of this aircraft accident.”

The full version of the program is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj1XdKQ7VQc


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