Key trends and pressing issues of the aviation fuel supply market development to be discussed at the 2019 VIII Aviation Fuel International Conference that will take place in Moscow on 31 January and 1 February 2019.


A live discussion of strategic directions of air transport infrastructure development and aircraft industry state financing system on OTR (Public Television of Russia) with the participation of AVIACENTER CEO Anton Koren.

Over 1000 prescheduled meetings, mainly among airports and airlines, were held during the NETWORK International Forum. 
AVIACENTER CEO Anton Koren about present and future of aviation on RBC TV.
Russian and international airlines and airports will take part in networking sessions on collaboration in the area of route network development, as well as in other NETWORK Forum events.


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The leading annual conference devoted to the development of regional air transport in Russia and the CIS countries will take place in Moscow on 20-21 September 2018.  03.07.2018 12:59

The International Conference and Exhibition "Regional Aviation of Russia and the CIS – 2018" will take place in Moscow on 20-21 September 2018.

Regional Aviation of Russia and CIS – 2018 is an annual largest professional event in Russia and the CIS, during which key issues of the development of regional and commuter aviation are discussed on the level of public authorities and business. The event is annually attended by up to 300 top managers and leading industry experts.

The conference will be attended by the representatives of the federal legislative and executive public authorities, regional and trunk airlines, manufacturers and suppliers of regional aviation equipment, regional airports, heads of transport complexes of the regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, suppliers of innovative solutions and aviation products, financial institutions, international and Russian associations, media representatives.

The main directions of developing regional air transport, perfecting the legislative regulation and mechanisms of developing the regional segment of the industry are discussed during the event by the federal and regional executive and legislative public authorities and aviation business.

The following are scheduled during the Conference:

-       A plenary session "The condition and prospects of regional air transport development across the Russian Federation and the CIS countries".

-       Theme sessions and round-table discussions devoted to the topical issues of regional aviation development, with the participation of the leading industry experts.

-       A strategic session on preparing suggestions for perfecting legislation in the area of regional aviation and regional airport operations.

-       The award ceremony for the winners of the Eurasian award in regional air transport.

-       An extended strategic session, involving the members of the Working group of the Federation Council for preparing suggestions for regional aviation development in Russia.

-       Presentations of innovative regional aviation projects and solutions.

-       Workshops and master-classes devoted to the development of regional air transport and airport systems from the leading Russian and international experts.

As a tradition, the event presents the leading projects and innovative solutions for regional aviation as part of the exhibition of aircraft, equipment and technologies, open during the Conference.

The host of the Conference is the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER).

The Conference is organized under the auspices of the Working Group of the Federation Council  for preparing suggestions for regional aviation development in Russia, the federal and regional authorities, industry associations.

To order a brochure of the International Conference "Regional Aviation in Russia and CIS - 2018", register for participation and speaking at the conference and get detailed information about the event, visit the AVIACENTER website www.aviacenter.events, or call the organizing committee: +7(495) 225 99 57 (multichannel, ext.5) or email events@aviacenter.org.

The Conference is combined with the annual event on financing regional airport development, attracting investment for airport infrastructure, implementing PPP projects - the Fifth International Conference and Exhibition "Regional Airports Development - 2018", that will take place on 19 September 2018.

Until 1 September special participation terms are available for the participants of the two conferences.