IV International Forum NETWORK will take place in Moscow, September 22 to 24, 2021.

NETWORK the largest in the Eurasian region key communication platform for route network development for airlines and airports.

Anton Koren, CEO of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) live on the OTR TV
‘Airports Development – 2021’ is the largest annual professional industry event, where key international and Russian trends in the airport development.
The XI International Conference ‘Regional Aviation of Russia and the CIS – 2021’ will be held in Moscow on September 23rd, 2021.
During the first stage of the work, strategic goals were defined, a marketing analysis was carried out, a forecast of freight and passenger traffic, a strategy for the development of passenger and freight traffic and a commercial development plan were developed.



2 UA 2018


Fifth International Conference

April 19-20, 2018  ·  Moscow, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre

Unmanned Aircraft - 2018 is a large present-day forum in Russia and the CIS for discussing all the issues of regulation of manufacturing and using unmanned aircraft, of trends and innovative solutions

The conference is the main gateway for international UAVs developers and vendors to enter huge and fast growing and developing UAV market of Russia and the CIS.

The Conference is held in order to comprehensively discuss the current topical issues in the area of manufacturing and using UAVs, consolidate the national and international experience, prepare recommendations for effective development of unmanned aviation in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as to present innovative Russian and international  products from the developing, manufacturing and supplying companies, to exchange practical experience, to discuss the development pathways and needs of the ministries and agencies in works in the area of creating and using unmanned aviation systems.



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The Conference is attended by the representatives of the federal and regional authorities, developers and manufacturers of UAVs, robot-control systems, flight and navigation equipment, flight simulation systems, unmanned flight simulators, component parts and materials for unmanned systems, video surveillance and video conference systems, software, data collection and processing systems, aerial imagery equipment, meteorological, geophysical equipment, high speed wireless data transmission systems, scientific and educational institutions, personnel training centers, energy companies, public organizations and mass media.

eng плашка MAIN TOPICS

  • Best international practices of government regulation of using UAS.
  • The system of international documents, regulating the development of UAS (ICAO and other organizations).
  • Government regulation of unmanned aviation systems industry.
  • Particularities of certification and registration of unmanned aviation systems in Russia and the CIS.
  • Certification of operators of unmanned aviation systems and their elements.
  • Development prospects of the voluntary certification system.
  • Key issues of airspace usage.  Integrating UAS into the common airspace.
  • Statutory regulation of the development, manufacturing and using UAS.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles  market development. Current condition, international and Russian experience.
  • International practices for unmanned aviation system market development.
  • Education and personnel policies in the area of unmanned aviation.
  • The condition and prospects of insurance in the area of unmanned aviation. International experience and prospects of insurance of UAS in Russia and the CIS.
  • Key issues of the development of UAS manufacturing. Main trends and innovations. Ground infrastructure.
  • Presentations of new UAS models of various aerodynamic schemes and masses: unmanned airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerostat systems.
  • The main international, Russian and the CIS trends in the development of civil unmanned aviation systems.
  • Advanced developments and projects of unmanned aviation systems.
  • Cargo transport systems based on unmanned aviation systems.
  • High-speed unmanned aviation systems.
  • UAV flight operations systems.
  • Upcoming trends in the development of standardization and evaluation of unmanned aviation system compliance (UAS standardization directions).
  • Present-day technology and IT solutions for unmanned aviation systems.
  • Security systems for protection from unmanned aviation systems.
  • Practical experience and prospects of using unmanned aviation systems.
  • Many others.

Over 50 speeches and presentations  on more than 100 topics are scheduled for the Conference.

A strategic session will also be held for preparing suggestions for improvement of legislation in the area of unmanned aviation, with the involvement of industry associations of unmanned aviation and federal agencies.

eng плашка EXHIBITION

An exhibition of innovative Russian and foreign products of the developers, manufacturers and suppliers is working during the Conference

An exhibition of innovative Russian and international products of unmanned aviation system industry companies will work during the Conference.

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