Anton Koren, head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) on air on the RBC TV channel, where the issue of transferring the shares of foreign investors in the management company of Pulkovo Airport to the management of the newly created Russian management company was discussed.


Anton Koren, Head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) live on the federal RBC TV channel about the state and prospects for the development of the Russian aircraft industry, the renewal of the country's aviation fleet, as well as new Russia produced aircraft. The program also provides an overview of Dubai Airshow 2023.


There is 1 day left before the start of key events in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger infrastructure. On October 19, 2023, a key meeting of professionals in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger terminals and airports will take place in Moscow: IV Eurasian International Forum Passenger Terminals - 2023, XII Eurasian International Forum Design, Construction and Operation of Airports - 2023, organized by the Consortium TSC.


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Aviation Fuel - 2014. The largest annual conference and exhibition in Russia and CIS countries will take place on February 13th-14th, 2014 in Moscow.  27.11.2013 19:38

"Aviation Fuel - 2014" is the only annual and the largest professional industry event, which is a forum for discussing the burning issues of aviation fuel supply, place for presenting new technologies and equipment.

The conference will be visited by: heads of the leading air carriers, airport fuel farms, top managers of Russian  Vertically Integrated Oil Companies (VIOCs) and fueling companies, oil refineries, heads of aviation fuel trading companies, commodity brokers, representatives of federal and regional public authorities.

The agenda of the Conference includes a plenary and multiple theme sessions, round-table discussions, a specialized workshop and master-classes conducted by IATA experts, an excursion to a modern fueling complex at a Moscow airport.

The subjects of discussion at the Third International Conference "Aviation Fuel - 2014" will include the issues of state policy, pricing, providing aviation fuel quality and flight safety in the changing aviation fuel market.

In particular, the following topical issues will be covered:

- Regulation of aviation fuel production, usage and quality control when state control is nonexistent.

- The role public authorities play in regulating the product entering into trade. Practical aspects of opening administrative cases.

-  State regulation and control of fueling complex service tariffs.  Developing a methodology for forming tariffs for fueling and aviation fuel storage.

- Practical experience and government regulation of providing access to the services of natural monopoly holders in airports, improving provisions of the Russian Federation Government Regulation from July 22nd, 2009 # 599.

-  Topical issues of VIOCs entering airport fueling activity. Alternative fueling complexes.

-  Practices of developing a documentation system for clearing aviation fuel for use.

-  Developing the aviation national standard for aviation fuel.

-  The impact of Russian aviation fuel on flight safety.

-  Measures of control over providing flight safety - experiences of Russian and European air carriers.

-  Prospects of standardizing aviation fuel supply, storage, usage processes.

-  Maintaining airworthiness standards in the anticipated operating conditions of Russian and foreign aircraft, when using Russian and foreign aviation fuel brands.

-  Experiences of regulating delivered aviation fuel quality and amount. Airline experience.

-  Maintaining airworthiness of aircraft through procedures and standards of providing aviation fuel quality.

-  Practices of conducting staff trainings in aviation fuel supply organizations on IATA programs.

-  Many others.

Based on the results of the Conference, recommendations will be prepared for the Government of the Russian Federation and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, directed at solving topical issues of Russian aviation fuel market. Delegates of the Conference will be able to take part in preparing these recommendations.

The host of the conference is the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER).

Until December 10th special participation terms apply.

To order a brochure of the "Aviation Fuel - 2014" Conference, register for participation, speaking at the conference and get detailed information about the event, visit the AVIACENTER website www.en.aviacenter.org, (section EVENTS) or call the organizing committee: +7(495) 225 99 57 (multichannel, ext.5) or email to events@aviacenter.org