Anton Koren, head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) on air on the RBC TV channel, where the issue of transferring the shares of foreign investors in the management company of Pulkovo Airport to the management of the newly created Russian management company was discussed.


Anton Koren, Head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) live on the federal RBC TV channel about the state and prospects for the development of the Russian aircraft industry, the renewal of the country's aviation fleet, as well as new Russia produced aircraft. The program also provides an overview of Dubai Airshow 2023.


There is 1 day left before the start of key events in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger infrastructure. On October 19, 2023, a key meeting of professionals in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger terminals and airports will take place in Moscow: IV Eurasian International Forum Passenger Terminals - 2023, XII Eurasian International Forum Design, Construction and Operation of Airports - 2023, organized by the Consortium TSC.


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AVIACENTER presented suggestions for system improvement of Sochi Airport performance during 2014 Winter Olympics to the Government of the Russian Federation and involved agencies  19.09.2013 19:20

In view of preparing the infrastructure and staff of Sochi Airport for handling the 2014 Winter Olympics and the need to provide passenger service quality in Sochi Airport, utilizing the modern tools of quality and business process management, AVIACENTER suggested that the relevant federal executive public authorities consider the implementation by the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) of professional tools that make it possible to provide the performance of an Olympic object on a high level, namely:

- systems of key performance indicators (KPIs) of business processes in Sochi Airport (for the most important of more than 240 processes);

- systems of quality standards (over 30 standards), covering all the main airport operations areas;

- systems of quality control over KPIs and quality standards fulfilment during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

AVIACENTER also informed that these tools can be later integrated into the HR incentive system for permanent and outside staff of Basel Aero (Sochi Airport operator) and government regulatory agencies at the airport.

AVIACENTER is the only research center in Russia, having experience of professional implementation of such systems in Russian airports. Together with the leading international industry associations in 2010 AVIACENTER created a competency center for airport quality systems and developed ATQM system (Airport Total Quality Management) that integrates all the quality management systems mentioned above and 10+ more. ATQM is designed taking into consideration QMS approaches (ISO 9000), recommended practice of IATA/ACI/ASQ, QCS quality assurance system practice, SKYTRAX control parameters and other international systems.

As AVIACENTER representatives mentioned, the experience of key experts of the center was formed in administrative positions in Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Pulkovo and other airports.

Anton Koren, CEO of AVIACENTER said that the company is ready to implement the systems, interacting with Basel Aero departments and under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation within 4 months, that is before the Olympics begin. "AVIACENTER has worked with Basel Aero managing company on two projects, if the decision is taken to implement the project, 4 months is a realistic timeframe" - said Anton Koren. 

So far AVIACENTER together with NIIAT have prepared the Transport Service Concept regarding air transport for 2018 FIFA World Cup for the benefit of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and other federal executive authorities, thus the center is experienced in preparing airport infrastructure for handling large-scale international events.

AVIACENTER has also created the only professional platform in Russia and the CIS, hosting the annual international forum "Efficiency and Quality Management on Air Transport", where industry-wide system suggestions for improving the quality are developed, involving federal executive public authorities.


The Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) is the first Russian professional industry center, providing over 100 kinds of services in strategic planning and managing civil aviation and aicraft industry companies and public authorities.

AVIACENTER experts have implemented a total of over 250 strategic projects. In 2013 the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation N 1 from 16/01/2013 has been approved and is being executed. It involves implementing a pilot project for Russia, developing regional air transport in the Volga Federal District, prepared on the basis of AVIACENTER’s research. The State Program of the Russian Federation "Social and Economic Development of the Far East and Baikal Region" regarding air transport development has also been prepared by AVIACENTER together with the "Center for Strategic Development" Fund. Key AVIACENTER experts took part in developing almost all of the main strategic documents of the Russian civil aviation industry.