Anton Koren, head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) on air on the RBC TV channel, where the issue of transferring the shares of foreign investors in the management company of Pulkovo Airport to the management of the newly created Russian management company was discussed.


Anton Koren, Head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) live on the federal RBC TV channel about the state and prospects for the development of the Russian aircraft industry, the renewal of the country's aviation fleet, as well as new Russia produced aircraft. The program also provides an overview of Dubai Airshow 2023.


There is 1 day left before the start of key events in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger infrastructure. On October 19, 2023, a key meeting of professionals in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger terminals and airports will take place in Moscow: IV Eurasian International Forum Passenger Terminals - 2023, XII Eurasian International Forum Design, Construction and Operation of Airports - 2023, organized by the Consortium TSC.


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AVIACENTER realized several projects for Russian aviation enterprises  11.08.2011 23:08

The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) realized several projects for Russian civil aviation enterprises. Some of them recently accomplished are the projects of route network strategy development.

For megalopolises, large and small regional airports the route development strategy done by airport itself became a rule, especially when the home based airline does not exist or works inefficiently. Professional solutions based on international best practices allow for many airports exceed industry's average growth rates.

One of such projects carried out in August 2011 by AVIACENTER for second largest Russian airport in North-West region - Arkhangelsk Talagi is the route network strategy development.  The route network strategy will allow for the Arkhangelsk airport to become international hub of regional level connecting routes between Russian West Siberia, Ural-Volga Regions and North Europe (Scandinavia) and Baltics. The demand for air services to Europe from these Russian regions also were revealed when the AVIACENTER developed strategy for Russian regional air transport systems, route network strategies for enterprises and while executing complex project covering 14 Russian regions done for President Administration. One of the main geographic advantage of Arkhangelsk International Airport as well as advantage before Saint Petersburg International Airport is the smaller great-circle distance that allow in average to shorten flight distance for some hundred kilometers from target regions, including cost and time savings for airlines and passengers in the final.

At the same time the market potential from Russian airports to Arkhangelsk allows to form passenger flows sufficient in their density to provide high frequencies of flight and profitable air services for airlines. Implementation of this strategy as well as for many other regional airports and enterprises is possible when combining aircraft fleet of 30-34, 42-46 and 50 seats in addition to medium and long range aircraft that are operated on routes with high density to megalopolises as Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The implementation if this strategy is supported by calculations of AVIACENTER's experts on demand of every route, calculations of optimal aircraft type for every route, flight schedule providing the strategy.

Also in frames of implementation in civil aviation enterprises of ATQM (Airport Total Quality Management for airports and Airline Total Quality Management for Airlines) AVIACENTER experts developed for Irkutsk International Airport, one of the biggest airports in Siberia, a several management solutions allowing to increase enterprise management efficiency substantially.

In particular, for Irkutsk International Airport there were developed a grade salary system, basedon the international methodology, Key Productivity Indexes (KPIs) for all airport divisions, based on analogous solutions for big and small airports in Europe, Asia and Russia, complex performance measurement system and othermodern productivity management systems.

In the basis of AVIACENTER's solution provided in frames of ATQM there is many-years managerial experience of experts who realized amount of analogous projects and knowledge base being formed on the basis of experience research of such solutions in best European and Asian airports.

Another project that were recently realized by AVIACENTER in Siberia Region - development of recommendations into strategy of development ofOmsk International Airport.After analysis by AVIACENTER's experts of planning system, operations and commercial management system, infrastructure development there were formulated recommendations into the airport's development strategy. While realizing the project, AVIACENTER's experts remarked the high level of strategic planning system supported by the airport management.

Head of AVIACENTER Anton Koren said: In all the projects and solutions realized by Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation for aviation industry enterprises, federal and regional state authorities there is an underlying principle of research and implementation of best international practices and modern managerial technologies.

Some of such to-date modern solutions will be presented during workshop sessions at the 1st  International Conference Regional Aviation of Russia and CIS - 2011 that will take place in Russian Parliament on the 8-9 September, 2011. To register, get more detailed information and brochure of the Conference you can by contacting organizing committee at +7.495.225.99.57 or by e-mail events@aviacenter.org