Anton Koren, head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) on air on the RBC TV channel, where the issue of transferring the shares of foreign investors in the management company of Pulkovo Airport to the management of the newly created Russian management company was discussed.


Anton Koren, Head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) live on the federal RBC TV channel about the state and prospects for the development of the Russian aircraft industry, the renewal of the country's aviation fleet, as well as new Russia produced aircraft. The program also provides an overview of Dubai Airshow 2023.


There is 1 day left before the start of key events in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger infrastructure. On October 19, 2023, a key meeting of professionals in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger terminals and airports will take place in Moscow: IV Eurasian International Forum Passenger Terminals - 2023, XII Eurasian International Forum Design, Construction and Operation of Airports - 2023, organized by the Consortium TSC.


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The first international conference “Human Resource Management in Aviation Business-2011” completed in Moscow.  06.12.2011 21:32

The first international conference “Human Resource Management in Aviation Business-2011”, held on December 7th 2011 at the Renaissance Monarch Center hotel, completed in Moscow.

This unique industry event gathered professional HR experts from various civil aviation and aviation industry companies.

The conference included a comprehensive discussion of the current burning questions in the sphere of workforce availability within the industry, human resource management. The speakers introduced the latest methods of forming corporate culture, developing motivational systems, education and talent management, increasing effectiveness and performance of personnel.

During the conference the experts and industry leaders shared their experience and knowledge as well as gave a lot of practical examples of using modern HR techniques and personnel management know-hows.

The head of the Center of Strategic Development for Civil Aviation Anton Koren gave a welcoming address at the opening session of the conference. He introduced the results of a research conducted by the Aviacenter concerning aviation and technical staff demand in civil aviation in Russia, as well as a summary of industry benchmarking, conducted by the Aviacenter in all the companies in Russia and CIS in 2011. The report stressed a system failure to train aviation staff with a specialization in flight operations. Shortage of such staff in Russian airlines, estimated by the Aviacenter, will reach over 300 pilots by 2012. A significant underrun of Russian aviation companies from the companies in developed countries in performance metrics was also pointed out.

During the plenary session the head of Aviapersonal, Anastatia Miroshnichenko, delivered a review of the current situation on the civil aviation employment market. The report also recognized a significant lack of pilots, despite the release of considerable numbers of staff due to airline shutdowns. She also pointed out that it is necessary to develop PPPs in pilot training, create a student loans public guarantee system, create and regularize a list of aviation staff and corresponding requirements.

The president of recruitment consultants Association Julia Saharova described the current trends on Russian and world labor markets.

Great attention was attracted by a report of the counselor of the head of Aeroflot, Lev Koshlyakov, who described new technologies in corporate communications, and the peculiarities of using modern communication channels, including intranet systems, social media. The report also contained a review of future changes to be expected within internal PR. One of the nearest future trends, he mentioned, intranet and large-circulation publications will be used less and less, giving way to online media.

In her report “The methods of increasing business effectiveness. Development and implementation of incentives systems based on MBO, BSC and KPIs”, the director of HR-consulting department of Aviacenter Anastasia Koltsa told about modern systems of company strategy and aims coordination with operational approaches to human resource management, about implementation experience of such systems in Russian airlines. Anastasia Koltsa also described new approaches to forming the base part of the salary and the experience of introducing a grading system in Russian civil aviation companies. The HR director of Tolmachevo airport Svetlana Semenova shared practical examples of implementing an incentives system based on KPIs.

An Aviacenter expert Natalia Krasnova told about modern methods of forming a candidate pool on different management levels. The participants of the conference heard a review of the main system HR solutions, implemented by the leading industry companies, such as Aeroflot, Transaero, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo. Innovative approaches to HR management in other industries have also been demonstrated. Trends and approaches to talent management, new to Russian HR practice, were represented in the report made by European colleagues from ACTM.

Great interest was aroused by a report by the head of the training programs department of the Center of Strategic Development in Civil Aviation Leonid Fitzner, who told about and illustrated innovative methods of remote training of aviation personnel, implemented in airlines of the USA and Europe, as well as innovative software solutions of Aviacenter for remote education, implemented in airlines in Russian Federation. The report also contained an analysis of trends in airline personnel education systems in developed countries over the last decades, and a forecast of changes expected in the nearest future.

The approaches and peculiarities of HR in aviation industry have also been discussed at the conference. A representative of the United Aircraft Corporation Elena Pudalova delivered a report about the quality of staff training for aircraft industry. Sergey Ryakovsky, the director of the corporate university of Sukhoi Company (JSC), shared his experience in using a corporate university as a talent management tool.

The conference “Human resource management in aviation business-2011” has proven to be not only a possibility to receive information about new technologies and methods in human resource management from the industry leaders, but also a forum for discussing questions informally and developing suggestions for public regulation in HR.

During the conference many system solutions for improving the regulatory framework have been suggested. The recommendations summary will be directed to the Government of the Russian Federation and to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The conference was organized by the Center of Strategic Development for Civil Aviation (Aviacenter).

The head of Aviacenter Anton Koren noted that “a professional forum was created for communication between HR leaders in civil aviation industry, which, starting from the initial event, became a place for effective exchange of experience and knowledge. Another advantage of this conference is the fact that it is the only forum where the industry players can submit consolidated suggestions for improving the regulatory framework concerning aviation staff.”

The title partner of the conference was AIRFLOT TECHNICS TH Ltd.. HR-partners of the conference were Superjob web portal and industry staffing agency AviaPersonal.

The main media partners were “Russian aviation” information agency Avia.ru, Aviation Explorer website, “AviaPort” information agency, magazines “Airports International” and AIRGLOBE, aerospace title “Air transport” and other industry media.

If you couldn’t take part in the conference, you can order the reports, presentations, audio and video recordings from the Organizing committee: by phone +7(495)225.99.57 (multichannel, ext.5) or by email events@aviacenter.org.