Anton Koren, head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) on air on the RBC TV channel, where the issue of transferring the shares of foreign investors in the management company of Pulkovo Airport to the management of the newly created Russian management company was discussed.


Anton Koren, Head of the TSC Consortium, General Director of the Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) live on the federal RBC TV channel about the state and prospects for the development of the Russian aircraft industry, the renewal of the country's aviation fleet, as well as new Russia produced aircraft. The program also provides an overview of Dubai Airshow 2023.


There is 1 day left before the start of key events in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger infrastructure. On October 19, 2023, a key meeting of professionals in the field of design, construction and operation of passenger terminals and airports will take place in Moscow: IV Eurasian International Forum Passenger Terminals - 2023, XII Eurasian International Forum Design, Construction and Operation of Airports - 2023, organized by the Consortium TSC.



The Сenter for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) is the professional civil aviation consulting center specializing in strategic development for airports, airlines and other industry enterprises, with main activities in Europe, Russia and the CIS.

The basic objective of the Center - consolidation of knowledge, methodologies and expertise of the leading international aviation experts in the field of strategic planning and management for introduction of the best practice, creation and development of professional practical school of strategic and business planning at airlines, airports, other civil aviation enterprises, rendering of high-quality consulting services to air transport companies, national and regional executive and legislative authorities. 
One of the main directions of the Center's activity is rendering of services to the enterprises of civil aviation, basically regarding strategic and business planning, working out and support of realization of crisis management plans, increasing of efficiency of enterprises management. A special direction of the Center's activity is planning of development of air transport system strategies for regions - development as a whole of all civil aviation enterprises at regional level. Also the Center renders consulting services and provides expertise for national executive and legislative bodies, concerning development of civil aviation, carries out work in the field of strategic marketing and economic research for aircraft industry.
One of the specific area of AVIACENTER is professional air traffic forecasting and proactive route development. This particular work is supported by vast professional experience of AVIACENTER's experts at marketing management positions at major international airports and airlines. 
Also AVIACENTER carries out research and integrates the best world's airports and airlines management systems from KPIs, BSC and QMS to Master Planning - the best practices from Europe, Asia, USA etc. to provide competitive consultancy realizing world's best practices for its Clients.


At present there are more than 30 highly qualified experts in the field of civil aviation are the employees of the Center with experience as top managers of airlines, airports, aviation holdings, separate divisions in the enterprises of civil aviation, as top managers of various directions in the scientific research institutes of civil aviation, as top managers and coordinators of working out of federal and regional civil aviation and aircraft industry development programs, as managers of separate divisions in Federal Aviation Authorities. For complex industry tasks the Center employs experts with experience of managing Federal Ministries and Agencies.

Almost all key employees of the Center have carried out researches and implemented strategic projects realized at federal level in Russia and the CIS, including ones approved by the Governments. Many experts of the Center took part in the working out of federal laws and regulations in civil aviation. Only highly professional specialists and experts are invited to work for the Center, with experience on management positions at civil aviation organizations, whose professional services or theoretical and practical labors have gained general recognition.

To get actual and relevant information regarding the best industry practice, also the Center cooperates with the leading international industrial research and design institutes and consulting companies. The database of professional experts of the Center exceeds 600 persons. Constant interaction of our experts with the leading civil aviation and aircraft industry enterprises makes it possible the Center to provide optimal and efficient decisions for its clients.

The Center's Mission

To promote development of professional strategic planning and management at civil aviation enterprises, regional and national executive and legislative authorities, consolidating and developing the best practices and involving leading experts. To influence on formation and development of a favorable investment climate in civil aviation through products and solutions of the Center.

The Center's Vision

To be the basic Center to which experts apply for professional consulting services and expertise in the sphere of strategic planning of airlines, airports, other industry enterprises, strategic development of regional air transport systems, federal level aviation projects, professional services in investments attraction.

To be the Centre of concentration of industry innovations.